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Photo is shot of 14th Street Bridge going into
downtown Richmond Virginia

Airport, Amtrak, Greyhound
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Reliable Ashland Taxi Transportation
Rates are metered for In-town trips
Please inquire about Out-of-Town Flat Rates

  • Meter begins at $2.50 per mile and increases at $.50 per 1/5 Mile
  • Wait time = $.50 per every 80 seconds of stopped time
  • $1.00 surcharge for after hours service (9pm - 6am) per trip
  • Add $1.00 per person Kids Under 6 RIDE FREE!

Be Safe! Make a Reservation Now!

Leaving from - Richmond VA
Going to - any of the areas below:
( Any other areas please contact us for more information at (804) 439-2232 )

Airport Taxi Service

Richmond International Airport

Richmond International

Dulles Airport

Dulles International

Norfolk Airport

Norfolk (VA)

Newport News

Newport News (VA)

Reagan International Airport

Reagan International(DC)

Charlottesville Airport

Charlottesville Airport


University of Richmond

University of Richmond

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Union University

Virginia Union University


Greyhound Bus Station

Greyhound Station
on North Blvd.


Amtrak Staples Mill, VA

Staples Mill

Theme Park Shuttle Service

King's Dominion

Kings Dominion

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens

Other Central VA Area Attractions



Taxi, Shuttle Service in Richmond, Virginia

Deb's Taxi Service is an English-speaking, woman-owned service. We offer on-time pick up and drop off to all major airports in Richmond, VA, DC, Norfolk, Newport News, Charlottesville and other smaller airports in the VA area! Best of all, these services are provided at metered rates, but out-of-town travels are calculated on a flat rate basis, just contact Deb for details. This service will also provide around town trips, as well, call ahead for your reservations.

We welcome all corporate travelers, EARLY AM pick-ups from your home, airport, or hotel, just get your secretary to call to make your reservations at least one day ahead.

Who We Are

Deb's Taxi Service was started in January of 07, and has been gaining credibility by providing reliable service with regular customers that call upon her service time and time again! Deb has lived in Richmond, VA for close to 40 years and is very well versed in getting you around in Richmond VA, and surrounding areas. With her customer experience, having worked the corporate world, she brings it to her business with a SMILE! Deb's goal is to provide a good, comfortable, safe ride for all my passengers, in hopes of each customer calling back time and time again!

Why this service was started? After 9/11 and one year and a half of being out of work, unemployment checks ran out, and having sent out hundreds of resumes with no results, I needed to find some kind of work! So, I met up with a young man who drove for a very well known and long time cab and asked him, "How do I go about getting started?" It all began from there! I was trained under a very nice gentleman who taught me all the ropes. Left the business for personal reasons, left the state, and when I moved back after 4 years, tried to work back in the corporate world again and just did not cut it, so went back into the business! After a while, I saved up enough money to purchase my first mini-van and created a web site, passed out business cards and there I was on my own!

Why Ride With Deb's Taxi Service?

  • Clean Taxi Service
  • On-Time
  • We Speak English
  • Car Seats for Babies
  • We Are Fully Insured
  • Non-Smoking Cabs
  • Answer Calls; Reliable Services
  • Discounts for Military
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • Corporate accounts; College students welcomed

Contact us to reserve your vehicle in time for any upcoming trip.


Reserve your TAXI/VAN Service

Leaving from - Richmond VA
Going to - any of the areas below:

( Any other areas please contact us for more information at (804) 439-2232 )
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