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Our Rates

Deb's Taxi Service makes traveling easy. Let us help you get around town by reserving your taxi or airport shuttle service today.

Taxi Service Rates:

We do not set the taxi rates, all taxi's are regulated the same as a public utility. Van taxis have the exact same rates as any other taxi, no extra fees. Rates are set by a regional council and approved by the local government in the areas we serve. All taxis in this region are obligated by local ordinance to charge the set rates and not charge above or below the posted rates for travel inside the region. We appreciate your understanding and hope you will remember to tip your driver generously.

Go to www.mapquest.com and you can figure the best route and mileage for your trip and then come up with the fare by the rates posted above. Any tolls are the responsibility of the client only while en route to your destination. Cash receipts are available. Please call us if you have any questions or would like more information about our rates or services.

We never charge a minimum rate for short trips. If you have ever been charged a minimum rate by any cab company, please call the licensing authority at 804-501-7494. Please note, accounts billed for payment may be subject to a minimum billing. There is a $20 minimum when paying by credit card.

Flat Rates are available on travel outside of the Richmond Metro Region.

Request a quote on your local taxi cab service in Richmond, Virginia when you contact us at (804) 439-2232 for a reservation.

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